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A Lieutenant in Eradicating
Smallpox Remembers
the General

How Dr. Donald A. Henderson, who died in August, 2016, turned a failing measles program into a first in medicine.

Donald Henderson Eradicating Smallpox New York Times Article

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October 14, 1997: Presentation of the 1997 APHA Presidential Citation to Nelson Mandela, in Pretoria, South Africa (transcripts)

Mohammad N. Akhter

Mr. President, my name is Mohammad Akhter. I am the Executive Director of the American Public Health Association. I am honored to be here today.

The American Public Health Association is an organization of public health professionals.



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The History Project exists for gathering the History of Public Health and the American Public Health Association since its inception in 1872 by Dr. Stephen Smith, the founder.

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