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History project leadership

Jay H. Glasser, PhD

Jay H. Glasser, PhD, MS, FFPH, FRIPH
President, MPHI

Jay Glasser was past president the American Public Health Association for three years and APHA treasurer for nine years and also served on the Executive Board. He is president of the Medicine and Public Health Initiative: a national and global nonprofit organization, “promoting population health through voluntary health profession alliances in education, applied research and community programs.” His interests are in the field of public health programs and developing collaborative networks to improve population health; applied research and demonstration; health surveys design and cyber age communications, and distance learning to advance community health. His current projects are involving strengthening global medicine and public health collaboration; Public Health History: a cyber-based open access site; network heart disease, stroke and diabetes prevention and control; health and sustainable health and human resource development, and patient safety and communication assessment.

Georges Benjamin, MD

Georges C. Benjamin, MD, FACP, FNAPA, FACEP (E), Hon FRSPH
Executive Director, APHA

Georges C. Benjamin, MD, is well known in the world of public health as a leader, practitioner and administrator. Benjamin has been the Executive Director of the American Public Health Association (APHA), the nation’s oldest and largest organization of public health professionals, since December 2002. He came to that post from his position as Secretary of the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. Benjamin became Secretary of Health in Maryland in April 1999, following four years as its Deputy Secretary for Public Health Services. As Secretary, Dr. Benjamin oversaw the expansion and improvement in the states Medicaid program.

Elizabeth Fee, PhD

Dr. Elizabeth Fee
Senior Historian
National Library of Medicine
8600 Rockville Pike
Bethesda, MD 20894

Elizabeth Fee is currently Chief, History of Medicine Division (1995-2011) at the National Library of Medicine
, Bethesda, MD. Prior to this she was Professor of History and Health Policy (1992 – 1995) at the Department of Health Policy and Management of the 
School of Hygiene and Public Health at The Johns Hopkins University. She was Director (1992 – 1995) of the Masters of Health Science in Health Policy Program, 
Washington Campus, 
Johns Hopkins University
, Washington, DC. She held a Joint Faculty Appointment (1988 – 1995) at the Department of the History of Science, 
Medicine, and Technology, 
School of Medicine
 at The Johns Hopkins University.

Theodore M. Brown, PhD

Theodore M. Brown, Ph.D.
University of Rochester
Dept of History, The College
PO Box 270070
Rochester, NY 14627

Dr. Brown is a historian of medicine, public health, and health policy. He has conducted research on the history of the biopsychosocial approach and on translational medicine; the history of twentieth and early twenty-first century U.S. health policy; the influence of organized philanthropy on medical research, health policy, and medical education, and the history of American and global public health. He is a Contributing Editor for History of the American Journal of Public Health.